Why Cyber365?

Chris Ward is an experienced cybersecurity expert who delivers high-quality training and cybersecurity consultancy services to companies, organisations and tertiary intuitions. Now a trusted partner with Carnegie Mellon University he is delivering high-quality courses in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and America. Prior to establishing his own company, he was the New Zealand Defence Force lead for Cyber Security and Information Security. Chris has also been chair of two executive International Cyber committees. Chris moved to NZDF from the Directorate of Defence Security within the UK Ministry of Defence. Chris was also a chief advisor from the UK MOD to the NATO CERT.

Chris has created and managed Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT’s) in the UK and NZ.  He is also a  Software Engineering Institute (SEI) instructor at Carnegie Mellon University based in the United States and delivers SEI training in New Zealand and Australia in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington.

Chris has recently written and lectured a postgraduate cybersecurity diploma for the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

Chris is now the Managing Director and founder of Cyber365.

He says “his vision is to provide the training, tools, and knowledge to deliver internal empowerment and organisational security."

Cyber365 Story

Cyber365 was born out of the realisation that organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region were grappling with similar industry challenges relating to Cyber Security and moreover the best way to meet these challenges head on.

What is apparent to companies today is that doing nothing is no longer the answer. They must protect their business assets, intellectual property and clients if they are to stay in business and maintain the credibility and trust of their clients.

As a result, Cyber365 created a business-centric model with the sole objective of working with organisations to achieve and maintain a resilient Cyber Security infrastructure utilising the following three Cyber365 elements of engagement;


  • Consultative-Risk Assessment

  • Client Specific Training

  • Internal Empowerment.


By engaging with Cyber365 organisations can now receive the appropriate consultation and training to ensure ‘best practice’ Cyber Security measures are in place to safeguard against unforeseen events or deliberate unlawful acts.


Best of the Best


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