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Technical Writers Course for
Cyber Security Personnel

This course will summarise how you write and communicate technical and non-technical advisories and reports in a practical and concise format that clarifies a diverse audience.

Who should do the course?

The audience for this course is your staff and managers responsible for drafting information for release internally or external to your organisation.

What you will learn

We will help you understand how to identify information that your readers will find informative and give clarity to your message by covering the following topics;


  • Identifying and understanding your target audience

  • Selecting the correct reporting formats, including press releases

  • How to write an advisory, who needs to be included, determining accurate contents

  • Identification and maintaining a single source repository

  • Code of Conduct for technical writers

  • Understanding and maintaining privacy requirements

  • Advisory and report release procedures

  • Advisory and reports housekeeping techniques

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