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Other Training Courses

Cyber Courses

Courses are provided both in-class and online (online courses may still be in development):


  1. Cyber Boot-camp, preparing for the attack (3-day course)

  2. MITRE ATT&CK Threat Framework (1-day course)

  3. Advanced Incident Handling (5-day course)

  4. Incident Response Course (1-day course)

  5. Technical writing for incident handlers (1-day course)

  6. Defensive Cyber Attack Techniques (2-day course)

  7. Offensive Cyber Attack Techniques (2-day course)

  8. Attribution Techniques (1-day course)

  9. Avoiding Attribution Techniques (1-day course)

  10. Identifying Cyber Skills road maps for staff (1-day course)

  11. Creating a Cyber Attack Simulation Exercise (3-day course)

  12. Cyber Awareness for ALL staff (1.5 hours)

  13. Deploying and managing incident management tools (2-day course)

  14. Deploying vulnerability and penetration management tools. (3-day course)

  15. Insider threat training (3-day course)

  16. Computer Forensics (3-day course)

  17. Understanding the NIST  and ISO Frameworks and Cyber Resiliency

Other Information Technology Courses

Cyber365 is a member of The Answer is Yes, our affiliate Arlaine has created some additional IT courses that we recommend:

Other Courses

Cyber 365 is a member of The Answer is Yes, a group of subject matter experts who provide online and face-to-face training for businesses.  Therefore whatever you need in the way of training, Cyber 365 can supply.

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