Cyber  Risk Assessment Training

Identify and protect your critical assets by performing your own risk assessments

Option 1-Face-to-Face Training

In this two-day course, participants learn to perform information security risk assessments. Our approach provides organisations with a comprehensive methodology that focuses on information assets in their operational context. You will use the latest electronic risk management tool throughout the course.

Throughout the course, you will participate in in-class exercises and discussions, including activities for risk identification, analysis, and response.


After completing the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Gather and organise risk information via interviews, documentation reviews, and technical analysis

  • Create risk evaluation criteria 

  • Identify, analyse and prioritise information security risks.

  • Improve vulnerability management activities by viewing them in a risk context

  • Understand why managing operational risk is important to managing enterprise risk

  • Develop risk response strategies appropriate for the organisation's business requirements


By focusing on operational risks to information assets, participants learn to view risk assessment in the context of the organisation's strategic objectives and risk tolerances. 

Option 2-Cyber Risk Assessment Online Training

The advantage of the online training is that you can stop at each step, go and implement or research what you need before progressing to the next step.  This method means by the end of the course; you will have completed your Cyber Risk Assessment on your organisation.

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Who should do the course?

  • Individuals who want to be able to perform their own in house risk assessments

  • C-Suite, Security professionals, business continuity planners, compliance personnel, risk managers and others

  • Personnel need to perform a formal risk assessment to satisfy PCI-DSS requirements

  • Information Technology technicians that want to increase their knowledge on cybersecurity

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