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Cyber Security

Awareness for all staff

Who is Looking for your Information? 

This 45 – 60-minute presentation educates staff on what to look out for when using the internet and social media, and the importance of protecting your information. Using slides, videos and visual aids this fun, interactive session brings context and significance of educating your staff.


This presentation will help participants to

  • Gain a foundational overview of the various elements of cyber security

  • Understand the importance of maintaining a safe presence on the internet

  • Gain an understanding of what to protect when using the internet

  • How to avoid becoming a target on the internet

Session options

Option One
You can have all your staff educated in one session up to 30 people, and you can invite family and friends as well.

You will receive a handout covering the key points of the session.


Option Two

On-line self-paced (Learning Management System)